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Formation Introduction to sound recording

Training goals

Be able to:
- choose the right microphones according to the situation,
- plug in the equipment efficiently,
- route the sound in a mixing table.


Using microphones: acoustic functions:
- tracking force or tracking force gradient,
- electrical functions: dynamic or electrostatic,
- different applications: studio, music, sound mixing, reporting or film-making,
- accessories: - booms, overheads, screens and supplemantary lenses.
Sound recording in reporting and speak carrels.
Practice with analogue mixing consoles:
- input, output, buses, auxiliairies, gain, inserts.
Basic sound techniques: connections,
- decibels, levels, symetries and asymetries, impedances, frequence, patches.
Notions of acoustics:
- sound propagation, reverb, echo, acoustic treatment and isolation.

Targeted at

Any person needing to record sound.




Sound engineers.

Training methods

Practical hands-on workshop with demonstrations and presentations.

• Sound recording practice in reporting.
• Overview of a wide range of microphones.
• An excellent introduction to sound engineering.