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Formation Indexing audio-visual and digital multimedia content: new practices

Metadata, automatic indexing, web indexing

Training goals

Ba able to:
- assess the stakes linked to indexing in the digital world and new objects,
- understand changing practices and indexing tools for audiovisual and multimedia content.


Characteristics and definitions of digital multimedia content.
Indexing and research functions in a digital media management chain.
Descriptive metadata of audiovisual and multimedia content.
Indexing tools and their relative performances.
Automatic flow indexing and its applications: segmentation, detection and recognition of shapes, speech treatment, data-mining...
New documentation practices generated by digitisation: development of professional competence and activities.
Indexing the Web and its content:
- Web legal deposit,
- Big Data, data-mining, data treatment and indexing, recommending content.
Collaborative or personal indexing, user-generated content, crowdsourcing.

Targeted at

Audiovisual researchers, archivists, audiovisual and multimedia fund managers, audiovisual content managers.




Engineer and researcher. Documentation professionals.

Training methods

Theoretical presentations.

• Latest state-of-the-art trends.
• How digitalisation has changed professional practices.