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Formation Improvisation techniques for radio presenters

Adapting to the risks of live broadcasts

Training goals

Be able to:
- better interact with listeners,
- anticipate tensions and slips of the tongue,
- lighten your style and find your own style.


Essential rules for radio improvisation:
- listening attentively and replying appropriately,
- showing empathy,
- questioning and rephrasing.
Increasing voice techniques for improvisation:
- managing stress and emotions,
- breathing and diction,
- developing complicity with your listeners,
- managing your radio presence,
- improving warmth and voice texture,
- finding the appropriate tone.
Creative techniques:
- getting closer to your listeners,
- humour and relaxing,
- varying your tone of voice.

Targeted at





Presenter and voice coach.

Training methods

Writing workshops and audio recordings followed by feedback and open class discussions.

• Innovative training to build up your radio presenter skills.