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Formation Global media video journalist

Training goals

Be able to:
- shoot, edit, write.
- design and prepare news reports
- navigate efficiently in a Web environment.


Editorial meeting, editorial choices, defining the angle.
Filming and sound recording techniques.
Filming in journalism.
Interviewing techniques.
Elaborating a subject while respecting the angle chosen.
Writing and recording the commentaries.
Editing: - understanding editing software,
- major editing rules,
- different topics and formats.
Script development for the news.
The news as rich media.
Write less, inform better: using the Web to build a good global media topic:
- mixing different media,
- understanding the relative worth of writing, audio and video and mixing them.
Carrying out reports for different supports.
Developing a sense of critical analysis.
Working alone in the field and your relations with the newsroom.

Targeted at

TV, radio and press (including corporate newsletters and specialised press) journalists. Applicants are required to follow a selection process, including a personal interview, where they will be asked to explain their career history and their motivations.


Journalists wishing to reorient their skills in a 360° environment. Pre-requisites: knowledge and technical skills in fundamental methods used by journalists, its rules and ethics.


Video journalists and chief editor. Web expert. Camera operators and sound technicians.

Training methods

Mix of hands-on activities and theoretical explanations.
Critical discussions of TV and radio extracts.
Work centred around global media to allow participants to master a wide range of supports.
Professional case studies.
Includes a four-week training period in an editorial office.
On-going assessment and a final evaluation of acquired skills leading to the delivery of a "Global media video-reporter" certificate.

• A comprehensive approach to the work of a video journalist.
• Leads to INA's "Global media journalist" qualification.