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Formation Fundamentals in script writing

Specific dramatic styles for works of fiction

Training goals

Be able to:
- write a story while understanding the fundamental elements of dramatic construction and progression,
- express yourself through the creative process.


- becoming an author,
- specific writing for TV and radio,
- dramatic structures (three acts, bottom-up and top-down structures, climax),
- dramatic construction (protagonist, goal, obstacles, dramatic elements/events),
- identifying protaganists, building characters, different elements of dramatic structures (dramatic elements and events).
Hands-on activities:
- pitching famous films,
- analysing their structures and different dramatic parts (characterisation, conflict, dramatic use of irony, problem resolution, etc.),
- presenting a professional scenario:
- technical indications, . sequences/scenes/shots,
- directing indications, indications for directing actors,
- presenting a project: practical tips, add-ons to the project, order,
- the synopsis/intention note, dramatic progression,
- making the most of situations and characters,
- how coherent or pertinent: characters/situations/dialogues.
Personal writing activities:
- finding a character for your protagonists,
- choosing a dramatic structure,
- drawing up a list of obstacles: internal/external,
- exploiting characters and situations.

Targeted at

Anybody wishing to acquire the basic skills in dramatic construction for writing fiction scripts.




Audiovisual professionals: authors-screenwriters.

Training methods

Theoretical classes illustrated with film extracts.
Hands-on activities from a professional scenario and personal project.

• A tried and tested methodology.
• Many case studies and hands-on activities.