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Formation Finding a concept in filming

Specifically targeted for TV and digital media

Training goals

Be able to:
- renew TV programme genres.
- stimulate innovative audiovisual concepts for TV and digital media.
- offer new audiovisual screenwriting perspectives.


Defining notions of audiovisual concepts.
Current overview and critical analysis of existing audiovisual concepts.
Reflections around innovative solutions.
New areas linked to digital conception and directing technologies (Web documentaries, augmented reality, mobile telephony...).
Researching ideas.
Researching concepts.
Creative stimulation processes.
Image association activities.
Drawing up and presentation of personal project.

Targeted at

Ideas people, artistic directors, producers, directors and any person who might have to conceive innovative audiovisual projects for TV and digital media.




Experienced professionals working in the field of audiovisual creation: director, artistic director.

Training methods

Mix of hands-on activities and theoretical explanations.
Regular brainstorming activites.
Activities linked to a personal project.
Building a model with the help of professionals.
Proactive and participative teaching methods, based on class exchanges and discussions.

• Analysis of audiovisual concepts broadcast.
• Concept creation processes.
• Creating the right atmosphere to research concepts.