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Formation Final Cut Pro™ X: editing, post-production, and multiscreen broadcast

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Training goals

Be able to:
- ingest, edit, mix, calibrate and manage post-production, export with FCP-X, Compressor, Motion 5 for all types of projects.
- manage post-production in a professional context,
- deliver high quality audiovisual content.


FCP-X: multisupport editing, post-production and broadcast.
I. Introduction to Final Cut Pro X:
- presentation and description: technologies used, lay-out,
- Methodology.
II. Organising media:
- importing media, setting and managing a video library,
- organising and researching film data: favourites and keywords,
- intelligent collections to speed up classifying tasks.
III. Editing:
- timelines: basic functions: three-point editing, inserting, overwriting,
- advanced functions: connections, trimming keyboard functions,
- strategies: using composite shots, secondary scenarios,
- navigating and modifying your edits: using timeline indexes,
- editing and sound mixing with RCP-X: using roles,
- multicam: creating and setting up a multicam
- advanced functions: modifying, adding sources, calibrating, post-production.
IV. Advanced functions for correction and post-production in FCP-X: colorimetric correction (color match, primary/secondary/preset corrections).
- FCP-X sound functions (publishing/synchronising at the calibration stage, autosyncing outdoor shots, corrections, transitions, sound mixing),
- using roles.
- compositing and special effects,
- using Motion with FCP-X:
- modifying texts, transitions, FCP-X generator.
- creating titling, transitions, a generator in Motion 5.
V. Workflows and file output on FCP-X and Compressor: using exports for mastering:
- to multiscreen broadcasts (Internet, mobiles, tablets),
- to compressors, managing formats and grouped exports,
- working in teams and new software (FCP-X ecosystem).

Targeted at

Editors, directors, journalists, photographers. Audiovisual and multimedia professionals.




Certified Apple™ Trainer/Editor.

Training methods

Mix of theory and practical hands-on activities, short film editing.

• Overview of importing, editing, sound mixing, calibrating, post-production techniques, all in one training course.
• Optimising inter-operability between FCPX - Motion 5 and Compressor.
• Workflow management for your short or long-term projects.