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Formation Filming live football matches

How to use multicam filming techniques

Training goals

Be able to:
- extend your multicam directing skills to football matches.
- script and edit multicam shooting scripts during a sporting event.
- understand and react appropriately to the different steps in the filming of a live sports event.


Understanding the basics of multicam filming during a football match.
Analysing different set-ups and technical and artistic measures of a football match.
Going through different steps in preparing a match.
Scouting on the field.
Choosing your crew and briefing them.
Setting up the whole filming plan.
Controlling work processes and TV broadcasts of football matches.
Listing each crew member's role.
Optimising your communication with the film crew.
Improving your technical know-how and "soft" skills.
Directing in real-time live conditions.
Viewing and feedback with real recorded matches.

Targeted at

Multicam directors wishing to extend their skills in video filming football matches.


Participation in Part 1 of "Carrying out multicam filming in studios" training course required. Understanding of the world of football.


Live football event professionals: director, script, special effects technician, slow-motion operator, sound engineer.

Training methods

Theoretical classes and presentations.
Practical hands-on exercises in real-life conditions.
Viewing and feedback.

• Training carried out by live sports coverage experts.
• Live practice on a football pitch.
• Overview of the genre and its codes.