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Formation Filming, editing and post-production with a digital camera

Training goals

Be able to:
- use a camera for filming,
- record sound and film,
- edit and mix.


Using cameras for video filming.
Technical notions: digital sensors, menus and settings, focusing, formats, codecs, recording throughputs, specific accessories.
Preparing filming: scriptwriting with a reflex, preparing the story, choosing lenses, using natural light, additional lighting.
Filming: preparing the recording, adjusting, exposure, ,
- taking stillshots, different shots, editing and sequencing, holding the camera, using accessories, stabilising the camera, sound recording:
- guide tracks, external recording, microphones.
Techniques to bring immobile objects to life: depth of field, short travelling shots, lighting effects, using Timelapse.
Avoiding traps:
- limiting shutter effects, moire issues, filming in low lighting conditions, avoiding excessive contrast.
Post production:
- preparing media: transcoding, synchronising image and sound,
- editing sequences with Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro, editing and cleaning sounds, improving image rendering, integrating titling and graphics quickly, exporting the film for current formats and supports: Web, smartphones, tablets.

Targeted at

Photographers, video reporters, documentary film makers.


Know how to take photos with a digital reflex camera.


Video-photographer specialised in reflex cameras.

Training methods

A little theory, lots of practice!
Making of a scripted film during which all the techniques and skills will be involved.

• Getting from an instantaneous image to a long-lasting image.
• Strong scriptwriting techniques to make successful film shootings.
• Understand the rules of filming, editing and postproduction.