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Formation Filming and editing with a digital reflex camera

Training goals

Be able to:
- understand technical specifics around video filming with a reflex camera.
- use camera competently during shootings.
- set up basic post-production.


Understanding video specifics on cameras.
Technical notions: digital sensors, menus and settings, focusing, formats, codecs, recording throughputs.
Preparing shooting sessions: audiovisual scriptwriting, choosing your lens, using natural light, using lighting.
Shooting: preparing the recording, adjusting, exposure,
- taking stillshots, holding the camera, sound recording.
Editing: synchronising images and sound, editing sequences using Final Cut Pro X or Premiere Pro CC or DaVinci Resolve,
- exporting sequences.

Targeted at

Photographers, film directors, journalists.


Knowledge of taking photos.


Photographers/video film makers.

Training methods

Theoretical lessons followed by practical applications in the field shooting and then editing throughout the course.

• Adapted training adapted to photography.
• Rapid acquisition of video filming and editing skills.
• Role-play situations for hands-on practice.