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Formation Filming and editing videos for the web

Overview of rules and techniques to make your report

Training goals

Be able to:
- understand basic concepts of image narration.
- shoot in reporting conditions,
- shoot for optimal editing,
- understand main functions of editing software,
- edit quickly and efficiently.


Technical reporting shots:
- adjusting hand-held AVCHD cameras,
- balancing whites, setting shutters, diaphragms, sound levels.
- adapting technical choices to the situation.
Being operational in the field: shooting real reporting topics, interviewing and illustration shots,
- review of artistic image settings, different types of shots, shooting interviews, reverse angle shooting, illustration shots,
- optimising subject's exposure indoors and outdoors, with/without extra lighting, real-life practice.
Editing and broadcasting efficiently:
- pre-configuring the editing system, using footage shots in the field,
- simple editing rules,
- sound and image effects, creating titles and animated subtitles,
- editing interviews, choosing compression formats,
- encoding.

Targeted at

TV, written, radio press professionals, webmasters, audiovisual programme editors, photographers.




Video reporters, video editors.

Training methods

Theoretical classes followed by direct application in the field, with shooting and editing practice.

• Five days to become operational.
• Tried and tested training methods.
• Some theoretical background, lots of real-life practical conditions.