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Formation Everything you have ever wanted to know about connectors: sound, video and Web

Sound and video technology from the connector to the Web

Training goals

Be able to:
- identify different connectors,
- understand signals, standards and formats, sound and video technologies,
- find interconnection and file exchange solutions.


Day 1.
Identify and cable different connectors: sound, video, IT.
Symetric and asymetric links.
Day 2.
Different sound file formats and exchanges: sampling, quantification, codecs, MP3, AAC, Wave, PCM.
IT supports and ports: HD, SSD, USB, Sata, Firewire, Thunderbolt.
Day 3.
Video formats before compression:
- image size, image frequency, interlaced and progressive control for screening.
Video links: HDMI, SDI, HD SDI, components and composites.
Video codecs.
Video file formats.
Day 4
Exchanging between platforms: Windows, Mac OS.
Using FTP servers.
Hosting videos: YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo.
Encoding files.
Videoconferencing: Skype.

Targeted at

Production managers, institutional services director, audiovisual technicians.




Sound engineer, video engineer, multimedia specialist.

Training methods

Practical exercises and activities in workshop or IT room with demonstrations.

• Real-life role play situations with hands-on exercises.
• Overview of interconnection issues in conference rooms and concert halls.