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Formation Escaping traditional TV formats

Renewing script-writing and design

Training goals

• Discovering new perspectives in content processing for mainstream TV and new media.
• Breaking with popular beliefs and stereotypes in terms of design, scriptwriting and directing.
• Questioning, disrupting, trying new, innovative projects.


The creation process:
- questioning, challenging, letting go, trying things out,
- the advantages of hesitating, feeling your way, trial and error,
- observing and paying attention as sources of inspiration,
- repeated reiteration.
Setting up creative processes:
- researching documents along several thematics.
Practising idea-generating methods regularly:
- thinking of new tools,
- brainstorming, mindmapping, gamestorming,
- collage, cut-outs, colourings, paper and video.
Making an audiovisual model, using data on different platforms, social networks and other.
Post-production and/or "soft" programming.

Targeted at

Authors, ideas people, directors, actors, project designers, project managers, webmasters and anybody looking for ways to breathe new life into innovative projects.


To show an interest in research and development, design, directing, new forms of writing.


Experienced professionals: directors, special effects editors.

Training methods

Mix of theoretical concepts supported by viewings and practical activities.
Groupwork around visual and sound expertise activities, personal work during the scriptwriting and studio shooting activities.

• The presence of a passionate "ideas agitator".
• Fun activities.
• Discover the innovative spirit of Pierre Schaeffer's research department.