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Formation Directing to highlight your point better

Identifying resources and constraints in film directing

Training goals

Be able to:
- improve your screenwriting with experience making a fiction film,
- facilitate and define staging of a scene thanks to practical knowledge of film directing,
- anticipate and take advantage of potential resources before writing a scenario.


Fictional film directing basics.
From screenwriting to filming.
The director and screenwriter relationship.
The legal context and author's rights.
Main steps in film directing.
The importance of scouting and evaluation of the artistic quality of the film.
Esthetic styles from the staging to the shooting script: - From Lumière to Cassavetes including Bergman and Fellini.
Choice of shots: long shots, still shot , travelling shot , reverse angles, wide shots, fixed or shoulder camera.
The staging and shooting script of a sequence according to the author's intentions.
Scouting techniques, staging, shooting script, filming and editing.

Targeted at

Authors, screen writers, ideas people, artistic directors, assitant directors, collection directors, programme advisors.


Prior knowledge and practice in screenwriting.


Fiction film directors.

Training methods

Presentations, theoretical classes, analyses and viewings followed by practical filming and editing experience.
In groups of three, facilitated by a group of professionals, stage, cue, film and edit a three-character film sequence.

• Markers to improve your screen writing.
• Professional shooting and editing conditions and equipment.
• Unprecendented training programme for screenwriters.