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Formation Developing a multiscreen marketing strategy

Optimise your presence on all the screens: TV, desktop, mobile phone…

Training goals

Be able to:
- understand marketing issues in a ever-changing market,
- update your knowledge of digital offers and practices,
- conceive a digital marketing strategy for all your screens.


1. Overview of new formats and content.
Changing advertising formats, enriched with content and social networks: - native and social ads.
Changes linked to multiscreens.
Best practices with content and cross-channel campaigns.
2. New purchasing means.
Focus on AdExchanges and the RTB.
Design an efficient e-GRP: - stakes and debates.
New professions, new expertise, new management tools.
3. Terminals for the hyper-connected user.
A revolution in marketing and mobility: (tablets and smartphones)
Marketing applications for connected objects.
Renewing the high street shop: new experiences.
4. Future perspectives?
Big Data and people-based marketing.
Dealing with the customer more efficiently.
5. Hands-on workshop: - set up a digital marketing strategy for all your screens.

Targeted at

Professionals working in media, content marketing and communication sectors.




Specialist in Global Digital Marketing strategies.

Training methods

Presentations, examples, first-hand experience, hands-on workshop.

• A hands-on workshop to develop best practices to be more efficient and creative.
• Conceptual workshop to set up and manage a digital multiscreen marketing strategy in project mode.