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Formation Designing a TV programme based on archives

Adding value to patrimonial funds

Training goals

Be able to:
- design programmes, TV sequences or features from archive documents: stills, film video, sound, texts, caption stands...,
- add value to TV and radio archives using different techniques and formats,
- enrich narrative elements of a story with archive images and sounds.
- give dramatic effect to TV programmes with the help of archive material.


Using archives to design audiovisual programmes:
- TV programmes including archive documents: variety, fiction, news, documentary.
- types of TV archives, their differents statuses, uses on French channels (scientific documents, historic reconstitutions, live shows, parodies, post-production, jingles, credits).
Examples of programmes using TV archives.
Producing meaning, manipulating images or not?
Mixing genres: - off-the-wall writing.
Inserting archives.
Using complementary sequences:
- fiction,
- dramatisation,
- graphic animation.
Audiovisual programme design:
- notions of research and development.
- researching ideas.
- advertising uses.
- innovating with archives.
- using graphic design to enrich the archives.

Targeted at

Ideas people, authors, directors, TV programme producers, artistic directors, audiovisual journalists and any professionals involved in writing TV programmes.




Media professionals: - programme designer/director - researcher.

Training methods

Creative workshop.
Participants work with a copyright free archive fund.
New ideas generated through brainstorming activities.
Participants work on an audiovisual model,
- participants choose thematics themselves.
- archive research, brainstorming, scriptwriting exercises.
- critical viewing and discussions encouraged.
- short video clips.

• Developing a project based on archives.
• Teamwork to generate more creative ideas.
• Idea-generating activities including brainstorming.