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Formation Data-visualisation: gathering and rendering information in a fun way

Giving information with the help of figures

Training goals

Be able to:
- gather pre-existing data and organise them,
- choose and set up the right visualisation technique,
- script the information visually to help your audience understand quickly while having fun.


Gathering, sorting and organising: what data for what topic?
- choosing and classifying,
- amount of information and reactivity.
Overview of existing visual treatment:
- interactive design, the influence of video games,
- the importance of the style and content.
Choosing the right media channel:
- commenting a live event, interactive scriptwriting tips.
Generating data:
- creating and compiling data,
- collecting information.

Targeted at

TV, paper press and radio journalists.




Web journalist, web designer.

Training methods

Short theoretical introduction followed by practical hands-on workshops.

• State-of-the-art training to understand new journalistic narrative styles.