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Formation Creating and positioning a programme concept

Focused on TV and digital media

Training goals

Be able to:
- understand how to design TV programmes,
- use analytical and TV programme creation techniques to assess the feasability of your project,
- brainstorm as a creative tool.


Pertinent criteria for a TV project:
- analysing TV programmes and market forces.
Developing the concept:
- different steps in the elaboration of your project,
- desire, intuition, ideas, developing a proposal, successive changes, validating the project,
- designing a brief, a demo.
Case studies: brainstorming ideas, definition and development of the concept,
- researching concepts, finding the right arguments to defend your project,
- practicing presentation skills.

Targeted at

Ideas people, authors, directors, TV programme producers, artistic directors, audiovisual journalists, and any professional involved in writing TV programmes.


Good general knowledge and understanding of the media.


Media professionals: ideas people, directors

Training methods

Creative workshop.
Participants design several projects assisted by professionals and group work techniques such as brainstorming to explore new ideas.
Strong focus on supportive teaching techniques.

• Group activities to enhance personal study.
• Creative teaching resources including brainstorming sessions.
• Completion of a project from conception to final delivery.