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Formation Comparative lighting technologies: LEDs, fluorescent tubes, HMI and MSR, tungsten lamps

Understanding how to choose tools according to your needs

Training goals

Be able to:
- differentiate between conceptions and technical choices offered by manufacturers,
- optimise the rendering of a source for video images,
- choose the sources, correct and mix to give the optimal lighting required.


Theoretical review: colorimetry: source spectre, colour temperature, colour index rendering,
- photometry: luminance, flow, lighting, rendering,
- source technologies: tungsten, HMI, fluorescent lights, LED,
- projectors: open face, PAR, soft box, atmosphere, Fresnel, cut outs.
Choosing filters and diffusion: converting and colorimetric corrections,
- comparative effects of diffusions.
Compared video rendering with different types of sources, high and low lighting tests with HD camcorder and silhouette.
Blending and correcting sources for the same image.

Targeted at

Directors of photography, head camerapeople, assistant film directors, digital imaging technicians (DIT), lighting engineers, equipment directors.


Basic knowledge of film shooting and lighting.


Director of photography.

Training methods

Theoretical presentations.
Practical hands-on HD filming and recording in the studio and outdoors.
Viewings with feedback.

• Overview of source measure and control methods (TC, Spectre, IRC).
• HD rendering tests with lighting silhouettes.