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Formation Commercialising and distributing content

From traditional networks to new platforms

Training goals

Be able to:
- understand the markets and list the major players' roles as well as the mechanisms ruling commercial exploitation of content.
- read and understand new trends on the international market.
- Know how to best position your productions or your purchases.
- Understand the legal framework of content commercialisation (by studying contracts).


1. The market:
Changes in the French audio-visual sector (terrestrial, cable, satellite, DTT, OTT, Catch-up TV, S-VoD and VoD)
New players in Europe and worldwide (groups, channels, new platforms).
Traditional channels' needs: understanding the constraints of TV programming (generalist, thematic, etc.).
New broadcasters' expectations: decision-making processes, price assessment.
Content offer, genre and format characteristics in France and abroad.
2. The economic and legal framework of commercial content exploitation:
Main sales players: producers, distributors, TV channel or service provider buyers, the viewers/consumers.
The mechanisms of distribution: presales, sales and managing sales, financial aspects (downpayments, guaranteed minima, repayment schedules, reimbursements).
Distribution mandate between distributor and producer.
The legal framework of content sales: analysing contracts.
Overseas sales, distribution and export subsidies.
The increase in digital broadcast means and its impact on content distribution.
3. Case studies to understand content sales exploitation:
Study of several programmes (different genres): assessing the commercial potential and market position on different broadcast supports and financing.
Choosing the right distributor, distribution network, schedule.
Financial and legal aspects governing the exploitation of programmes.
Analysis of different exhibitions and festivals: their nature and specifics.

Targeted at

Salespeople, producers, production directors and content purchasers.




French or international content distributors. Producers with sales experience. Legal experts.

Training methods

Analysis of different types of content exploitation case studies.
Examples of distribution contracts.

• Overview of transmedia and its economic model.
• Key elements to deal with new media and their monetisation.
• Keys to help you commercialise content (Web series, series, telefilms, long films)