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Formation Commentary of images

Understanding the rules and techniques to enhance your commentary

Training goals

Be able to: - understand writing techniques for voice-over commentaries of images, - adapt your style to the news being treated, - work with short deadlines, - master your voice and use intonation and speed.


Summarising information to make it clear and understandable by your audience: - buiding up documentation: where to find pertinent information, - ranking information, describing, deciphering and getting people interested. Using lively, concise, styles adapted to the topic and media: - preparing your editing plan, choosing your sounds and illustration shots, avoiding paraphrasing video graphics. Understanding essential rules of diction and sound mixing studio techniques: - mastering the beginning and intonation, - reading your commentary naturally, - stepping back and daring. Being reactive: writing and recording your commentary quickly, - working with editors, - following the tone and cue sheet instructions of a TV programme or news.

Targeted at

TV, press and radio journalists.




TV journalist and actor, editor.

Training methods

Theoretical principles and viewings with group discussions of different topics, followed by case studies and hands-on activities in the editing studio. An actor will bring the vocal techniques to acquire for a successful commentary.

• Writing and diction: the two essential asset to for a successful commentary.