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Formation Coherent photo and video colorimetry

Using Lightroom and Photoshop for video, After Effects for photography

Training goals

Be able to:
- optimise simultaneous photo and video treatments,
- calibrate successfully,
- set up colorimetric styles.


I. General introduction:
- what you need for successful communication campaigns,
- photo and video colorimetry,
- creating a style/look.
II. Using Lightroom for photo and video:
- editing and photo adjustments with Lightroom,
- changing films to improve their colorimetry,
- organising collections for synchronised work,
- primary corrections: basic settings, curves, TSL,
- complementary corrections and creating styles,
- saving predefined parametres for each type of media.
III. Calibrating with Photoshop:
- optical corrections, perspectives and distortions,
- tracings and masks,
- dynamic objects, limitations,
- video output.
IV: - After-Effects for photo and video: importing photos and films,
- tracing, colorimetric effects, using plugins, renderings and exporting.

Targeted at



Know how to film video shots with a camera.


Photographer and film director.

Training methods

Alternating theory and hands-on practical training.

•Successful photo and video media communication.
• Make artistic photo and video images.