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Formation Checking information with Web 2.0 tools

Monitoring methods and tools

Training goals

Be able to:
- set up information watch adapted to your needs,
- set-up a watch platform with Web 2.0 tools,
- share your watch information.


Defining your needs: stakes and goals of information watch.
Setting up your watch: defining your goals,
- defining watch thematics, setting up a watch plan,
- identifying and selecting pertinent sources,
- acknowledging new sources and tools,
- social networks as sources of information.
Web 2.0 tools to watch information.
Setting a watch platform using NetVibes: setting up and structuring platforms, adding content, creating flow, enriching it through navigation,
- assessing your platform.
Sharing your watch platform: goals, sharing tools.

Targeted at

Audiovisual researchers, archivists, journalists, communication directors, all information professionals.


Professional knowledge and practice of the Internet.


Information watch specialist.

• Professional methodology.
• Workshops adapted each participant's objectives.
• Set-up of a watch platform with Web 2.0 tools.