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Formation Becoming a multi-media journalist

Changing from traditional press to the Web

Training goals

Be able to:
- understand different IT platforms, supports and languages,
- organise and present information according to supports,
- stay close to the readers and reinforce your presence on social networks,
- film and edit video reports for the Web.


Languages and technologies:
- different platforms,
- IT languages, supports and their developments.
Technical specifications:
- choosing technical tools,
- technological issues linked to editorial choices,
- innovation.
Interacting, understanding and helping your audience understand:
- timelines and work plans,
- collaborative tools and teleworking.
Increasing your online presence:
- frequency and content.
Understanding the Web and social networks:
- functions.
Using technical administrative tools for blogs.
Giving your blog an identity.
Posting: when and how.
Using Twitter to cover a story.
Essential writing skills:
- having a fast, clear and pertinent style.
Preparing events with essential information.
Asserting your style and staying in touch with your readers.
Managing your community and replying to your audience.
Complementarities between media, your blog, Facebook and Twitter:
- specifics and usages for each platform.
Acquiring filming techniques to shoot a report:
- setting AVCHD hand-held cameras,
- balancing whites, artistic rules for images,
- different types of shots,
- interview filming techniques,
-reverse angle shots,
- illustration shots,
- optimising indoor/outdoor lighting (with/without artificial lighting),
- real-life practice.
Editing and broadcasting:
- pre-configuring the editing system,
- gathering shots filmed outdoors,
- the importance of illustration shots,
- sound and image special effects,
- designing titles and animated subtitles,
- editing interviews, choosing compression formats according to final delivery (Web, mobile phones, TV...), compressing final edited features.

Targeted at

TV, paper press and radio journalists.




Multimedia journalist, video reporter, film editor.

Training methods

Practical hands-on workshops.
Feedback and discussions.

• A comprehensive approach to new journalistic practices.