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Formation Analysing, describing and indexing audio-visual documents

Audio-visual languages, documentary treatment

Training goals

Be able to:
- use audiovisual techniques and terms,
- analyse and index professionally,
- set up descriptive formats for audiovisual documents and write up documentary notes.


Audiovisual grammar:
- professional vocabulary for directing and editing.
Audiovisual semiology:
- film analysis, semiotic codes.
Annotating according to accepted documentary standards and techniques:
- types of audiovisual documents,
- choice of annotating format, writing up documentary notes, cataloging, summaries, indexing.

Targeted at

Audiovisual researchers, archivists wishing to acquire an audiovisual specialisation.


Prior knowledge of documentation processes.


University lecturer specialised in film analysis. Audiovisual documentation expert.

Training methods

Theoretical elements.
Methodological approaches.
Practical hands-on activities and viewings, descriptions, analyses and indexing.

• Overview of audiovisual documents.
• Professionals with diverse backgrounds for a rich and comprehensive approach.
• Many hands-on activities and exercises to learn terms and practise documentation processing.