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Formation Analysing, annotating and indexing stills

Types of stills, metadata and documentary treatment

Training goals

Be able to:
- identify different types of stills documents.
- manage and exploit metadata associated to stills.
- apply documentation processing rules and methods specific to stills.


Stills types and historical background.
Reading and deciphering stills: codes, esthetic choices, context, composition, colour, light,...
Stills metadata: different digital stills metadata types and standards.
Stills documentation processing techniques and standards.
Drawing up documentary notes for different types of stills and for different uses.

Targeted at

Audiovisual researchers, archivists.


Prior knowledge of documentation.


Specialist stills documentation experts.

Training methods

Image analysis.
Practical documentation processing workshops.

• Keys to read and analyse stills.
• Comprehensive overview of metadata associated with stills.
• Many practical hands-on workshops to practice stills documentation processing.