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Formation Analysing, annotating and indexing sound and radio contents

Types of sound content documentary treatment

Training goals

Be able to:
- identify different types of sound documents.
- use the descriptive vocabulary for sound documents.
- apply documentation processing principles to sound and radio documents.


Types of sound and radio documents.
Making a radio programme.
The language of sound, radio scriptwriting and sound narration.
Elements making up sound documents.
Radio and sound documentation processing techniques.
Listening and analytical exercises.
Writing documentary notes for different types of documents.
Specific cases: musical documents (phonograms, concerts.)
Documentation processing for sound heritage interviews.

Targeted at

Archivists, audiovisual researchers.


Prior knowledge of documentation techniques.


Sound and radio documentation experts. Radio directors.

Training methods

Theoretical presentations.
Listening exercises with sound and radio documents.
Practical documentation processing exercises.

• A comprehensive overview of sound and radio documents with practice listening exercises.
• Many exercises and activities to understand the vocabulary and practise documentation processing.
• Introduction to musical documentation and oral archives.