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Formation After Effects™: using post-production techniques

Animations, compositing, special effects

Training goals

Be able to:
- understand the functions, the jargon and the characteristics of this software,
- understand 2D and 3D animations as well as compositing in production.


Structure and philosophy of software.
Importing and organising media in After Effects.
Geometric changes.
Managing time and space.
Masking functions.
Merging modes.
Special effect tracings, nil objects, alpha tracings.
Merged compositions.
Parent/children tracings.
Tracings and 3D space.
Cameras and lighting.
Introduction to special effects with After Effects:
- inlays, colorimetry, distortions, text, generating text, artistic considerations...
Generating particles.
Working with rhythm and sound.
Rigging in After Effects.
Temporal remapping.
Follow-up and stabilising.
Using Mocha.
3D modelising in Cinema 4D Lite.
Integrating Cinema 4D in After Effects via Cineware.
Using VideoCopilot Element 3D plugins.
2D and 3D compositing.
Simple expressions.
Sliders and cursors.
Random function programming.
Function routines with expressions.
Optimising production.
Graphic design and transforming the project into model.
Different rendering formats.
Exchanging with other software and compatibility.

Targeted at

Editors, 2D and 3D animation technicians, audiovisual and multimedia professionals.


Prior knowledge of PC or Mac environments.


Expert animation, compositing and special effects operator.

Training methods

Practical hands-on lessons.
Step-by-step approach to complex creations.

• Methods to work faster and more efficiently in production.
• Introduction to 3D creation and Motion Design.