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Formation 3D techniques with Cinema 4D

Training goals

Be able to:
- use 3D modelling,
- use animation tools,
- use advanced functions.


I. Modelling:
- interfaces and tools,
- project settings,
- visualisations, spline modelling, importing traces, managing texts,
- extrusions, display elements, polygonal modelling,
- polygon transformation tools,
- optimising and best practices for structuring points,
- using distortion parameters, subdividing surfaces, creating materials, importing textures, procedural textures, mapping, lighting, types of lights,
- shadows, interacting shadows with materials,
- visible and volumetric lights, rendering parameters, skies and other environments/landscapes, HDRI,
- rendering effects: physical rendering, ambient occlusion (AO), sketch and toons...
II. Animation: cameras, animation interfaces and key images,
- graphic interface and speed rate curves,
- moGraph, - particle animations, automatising with Xpresso,
- working rhythm and arranging sound,
- case studies for Motion Design.

Targeted at

Graphic designers, motion designers, film editors.


Prior knowledge of graphic design software programmes.


3D graphic designer, motion designer.

Training methods

Mix of theory and hands-on practice with concrete examples like conception animation for advertising and 3D graphic design.

• Overview of all the modelisation techniques.
• Bringing together lighting, material work and animations.
• Become autonomous in 3D.