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Formation 360° Contents: a Key Digital Strategy

Changes, strategies and market share of major local players

Training goals

Be able to:
- understand digital audiovisual delinearisation and the stakes linked to multiplatform production,
- distinguish strategies and market positions of various content providers.


Changes linked to digital audiovisual content:
- increase of broadcast supports,
- changing behaviour, uses and consumer habits,
- delinearised audiovisual content offers,
- private content and social networks.
'360° Content' strategies:
- case studies for different content models,
- privileged programme genres,
- major economic models of production,
- appearance of new funding and advertising formats.
Overview and strategic positions of major French players:
- producers and content distributors,
- TV channels and telecom operators,
- Web pure players and private content.

Targeted at

Audio-visual content industry professionals




New audiovisual content specialists.

Training methods

Presentations, open discussions and case studies

• Understand the major trends in digital audiovisual offers in 360° contents