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The research

Research topics

The research carried out by Ina EXPERT is involved in all subjects related to images and sounds and in the practice of the professionals of the audiovisual field and of archiving.


Research project

Involved in many image and media research projects, Ina EXPERT carries out some of its work in conjunction with other bodies, particularly within the framework of calls for projects by the French National Research Agency and the European Commission (FP7).


Research Team

The team of Ina EXPERT Research Department is managed by Daniel Teruggi.



Since its founding by Pierre Schaeffer in 1958, the Ina’s Musical Research Group (Ina GRM) has been a unique place for creation, research and conservation in the fields of electroacoustic music and recorded sound.


NEW : Research Area

The Research Area offers demonstrations of tools, processes or approaches in connection with INA's research activities.
Here you can see, test or experiment with projects currently being conducted by INA.
In an easy-to-use environment, the Research Area presents in a clear manner the experiments, methods of use and concepts implemented.