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01 Jun 2018

FRAME : Testimonies

Since 2010, the FRAME training courses on new digitization, preservation, management, documentation and use of audiovisual archives, have welcomed many European and International professionals of the media industry.

Helga Thorsteindottir

originalHead of Archives, RÚV (Icelandic National Broadcasting Service)

"I think our week in Dublin was helpful to gain insights in to how other professionals are tackling simular problems in the broadcasting arhives. Many excellent speakers gave valuable lessons especially concerning copyright issues and social media.  Since our week in November, RUV archives have both published the first archive footage on social media and a flow-chart on copyright has been made for our users. "

Maria Weber

largeHead of digitalization, Media Services and Support Trust Fund (Hungary)

"The conference was absolutely a mind opener for me. It was great to see all the different countries on different levels of digitalization and data processing. 
The lecturers were deeply dedicated to their fields and delivered enjoyable lectures. Even the technical details were engaging. I often come back to our shared Google drive to review all the lectures and think them through again and again. What I appreciated also is the warm welcome on your side and the smooth and perfect flow of events."

Brecht Declercq

Digitisation Manager, VIAA Chair of the Preservation & Migration Commission, FIAT/IFTAlarge

"I attended INA's FRAME course in June 2014. 
I enjoyed every moment of it. The teachers are real experts who are very generous in sharing their knowledge. This is the kind of course you want to send your audiovisual archivists to, if you like to reinforce their background in matters of digitisation, preservation and access. Highly recommended and definitely value for money."

Patrick Monette

largeSenior Director, Media Library and Archives, Radio-Canada

"Radio-Canada representatives participated in both FRAME sessions as part of the planning of a mass migration plan for the archives of the national public broadcaster.
The seminar was an undeniable asset in sharing key elements to consider to carry out such a large-scale project at the organizational, technical and logistical level, considering also the regional stations in the country.
The second session, focusing on the opportunities for enhancing audiovisual archives.
The seminar facilitated exchanges with the various expert speakers and made it possible to establish new contacts with people of industry living the same realities in different countries."

Hubert Best


Media lawyer specialising in copyright, including international juridiction and choice-of-law issues

“FRAME training is unique, in my experience as an international media lawyer, in offering a complete overview to professionals from all parts of the world of the use of archive footage in all forms of contemporary audiovisual media.  

The course is offered by INA, which has outstanding facilities and its own comprehensive collection of historic footage which has been exceptionally transformed and organised for contemporary exploitation.   The course covers all practical, technical, commercial, cultural and legal aspects of conserving and exploiting archive material in the present day, including current digital media, worldwide.  

In addition to the wide ranging knowledge imparted, the course results in valuable exchange of international industry practice and personal contacts.”

Tomotake Aoki

originalDirect responsibility for NHK's digital archiving systems and its workflows 
Managing NHK's broadcasting master control systems
Designing for NHK's next generation digital archiving systems 

I have engaged in building and operating the digital archiving system for years.

Our system was succeed in connecting with the broadcasting transmission system/Broadcast Master in 2013, after that we have been collecting many program files automatically. Digitization (Tape to File) system also working out well.

Our digital online storage have become from Zero to over (approximately) 20PBytes during recent 4-year period. But now I have serious doubts about that we can utilize our HUGE digital assets effectively for our  TV program production, system users in our company, our television subscribers, Japan or world citizen. We probably cannot.

I still remember sometime Saintville's message at the FRAME2012 training while standing in front of our enormous storage hardware. "Digitization" must be just first step from an administrative perspective. Her word have motivated me to renovate our archiving system or its workflow. Our challenge is only half of the story.

Rita Marques

Executive and consultant of content and knoledge archive. original
Experienced in preserving, organizing archives, giving researchers access and integration of information.

 I think that the importance of FRAME is not only to the trainees or beginners. The Frame training is also significant to archive audiovisual professionals because you have the opportunity to recycle your knowledge, to be in contact with the best  INA professionals as well as  in the archive community. This training gives you the chance to exchange your work experience, come up with new solutions and broaden your creativity in our constant changing content world.

Kaouthar Hamed

Libarian in chief, Television of Tunisia (FRAME 2017)large

"FRAME training was for me a very good opportunity to meet some professionals and techniciens from all over the world, and have a new light from Ina regarding common questions about digitization of audiovisuel and sound archives."

Jovana Kesic

Head of Archive, Filmske novotsi / Cinema Newsreels and Documentary Films Archive (FRAME 2017)original

"This kind of course is very useful for everybody who works in audiovisual archiving field and wants to gain knowledge in digitization, preservation and access. It gives you very practical and up-to-date information that you can very easily apply in your archive. FRAME training team is working very hard to cover and present all necessary knowledge that gives you knew views and solutions in your everyday work, and also gives you possibility to have better perspective regarding an audiovisual archiving strategies in the future. I definitely recommend it!"

Martin Bouda

Archivist, Czech Television (FRAME 2017)large

“Participating on this event was a great personal and professional experience that enabled me to compare procedures, ideas, projects and technical solutions in my institution, to the experience and knowledge of not only the great experts having presentations there but also the other participants from institutions all around the world. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in innovations and new trends in digital content and metadata management! ”

Hendrik Teltau

originalChargé de mission sur la sauvegarde et la numérisation à l'ECPAD (anciennement Collaborateur département film de la Cinémathèque suisse) (FRAME 2017)

“The FRAME training course at the French INA was an excellent opportunity to meet professionals from all over the world, thus engage in networking and encounter a professional and experienced team of coaches at INA.

Classes were thought on a very high level held by international experts, covering interesting and crucial subjects for our daily work. The possibility not only to have access to but also experience a full guided tour through the technical facilities of INA was a welcomed complement, rounding up the package between theory and practice.

I would affirmatively recommend these trainings to anyone who wants to fresh up his knowledge or start in the field of digital preservation and it's connected fields of work.”