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FRAME : Stories

In 2010, INA organized the very first edition of the professional training programme FRAME, co-funded by the Creative Europe - MEDIA programme of the European Union, and supported by FIAT/IFTA  and EBU Academy.

FRAME is dedicated to international professionals involved in the management and use of archives. The training programme consists in 3 sessions per year, which cover each step of the audiovisual archival content management process.

Since 2010, 18 training sessions of FRAME have been organized,  gathering 177 professionals and 121 trainers from 44 countries. FRAME enabled to develop a wide community of international Archives professionals and supported their projects and career paths’ development.


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Brecht Declercq

Digitisation & Acquisition Manager at meemoo (FRAME 2014)

“FRAME is a career booster and serves the enlargement of the international network”



Maja Tillmann

President of Cuyay Wasi (Peru) (FRAME 2019)

“FRAME supported my project for the preservation of audiovisual testimonies of Andean and Amazonian indigenous wisdoms”



Rita Marques

Consultant specialist in audiovisual archives & FIAT/IFTA Executive council member (Brazil) (FRAME 2014) After FRAME, I reused the training inputs in my company



José Velázquez

Documentarian & Founding Director of Dokumenta Video

“FRAME inspired my work as a data architect”



Kaouthar Hamed

Deputy Director of Tunisian Public Television Archives

“I help the Tunisian AV sector development”



Marianna Gallerano

Archivist at RAI Teche (Radiotelevisione Italiana)

“FRAME stimulates creative thinking for new projects”



Annelies Cordes

Project coordinator (Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision)

“FRAME gave me new insights and specific knowledge in AV archiving”