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FRAME helps my project to save Peruvian peoples’ testimonies

Since 10 years, FRAME contributed to support audiovisual archives preservation projects all around the world, by giving key skills to professionals who carry these projects. We asked them how FRAME have had a positive impact on the implementation of their archive preservation and promotion project. Maja Tillmann, President of the Peruvian association Cuyay Wasi, explains how her participation in FRAME supported her project for the preservation of video testimonies from indigenous peoples from Peru.

largeMaja Tillmann - President of Cuyay Wasi (Peru & Germany)

FRAME Tech & Access 2019

Maja Tillmann is President of Cuyay Wasi, a Peruvian association dedicated to audiovisual work and film production. It develops and uses audiovisual tools and methods, such as participatory video, artistic cinema, audiovisual experimentation and documentary, to document, explore and represent the natural and cultural diversity of Peru and the indigenous peoples. When Maja participated in FRAME Tech and  Access in 2019, she was willing to improve her knowledge and skills about archiving and digitization process of audiovisual materials, as well as to learn about the opportunities to give access to these collections. Thanks to her participation in the training program, Maja was able to bring back to Peru the knowledge brought by FRAME, to continue her project called "Audiovisual Preservation of Andean Amazonean Wisdoms".

Reasons and expectations from participating in FRAME

Maja Tillmann I launched a project for the preservation of audiovisual testimonies of people from Andean and Amazonian indigenous communities. And I needed to get more technical knowledge to achieve it. I got what I wanted much more than I expected: wonderful training and wonderful people!

Positive impacts of FRAME on your work and career paths

Maja Tillmann I learnt to order my preservation skills and was able to offer them here in Peru with success. The gain of network contact has been very precious; as I also found in FRAME, the feeling that, now, I am accompanied by other people who do what I also do.

“FRAME supported my project for the preservation of audiovisual testimonies of Andean and Amazonian indigenous wisdoms”

Professional projects supported by the participation in FRAME

Maja Tillmann In 2019, I initiated a digitization project to preserve audiovisual testimonies of Andean and Amazonian Indigenous wisdoms. This project is implemented in the framework of my organization, called Cuyay Wasi, with the support of funds from the Peruvian Ministry of Culture. I have digitized around 2000 hours of these audiovisual collections, captured from 1993 and 2012, in in formats from VHS and MiniDV. I started this project just by doing it, luckily I am very methodical but the FRAME course filled the parts I had improvised


Since 2010, INA organised the professional training programme FRAME, co-funded by the Creative Europe – MEDIA programme of the European Union, and supported by with FIAT/IFTA (International Federation of Television Archives) and EBU Academy (European Broadcasting Union). FRAME is dedicated to international audiovisual archives professionals.