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"I help the Tunisian audiovisual sector development"

Since 2010, the FRAME training programme has welcomed participants from 44 countries, and  so contributed to develop and spread high level skills and knowledge all around the world. Indeed, when back in their home or work country, former participants share the acquired expertise with colleagues, students, or by being involved in international and national projects.

Kaouthar Hamed, Deputy Director of Tunisian Public Television Archives, explains how her participation in FRAME opened up new professional opportunities for her to contribute to the development of the Tunisian audiovisual sector development, as a teacher or as a recognized expert.

Kaouthar Hamed - Deputy Director of Tunisian Public Television Archives

FRAME 2017
Position titled when participating in FRAME: Chief Librarian, Tunisian Television (Télévision Tunisienne) 

Kaouthar Hamed is the Deputy Director of the Tunisian Public Television Archives. When she participated in FRAME in 2017, she was Chief Librarian, at the Tunisian Television. At that time, she wanted to enhance her skills to contribute to the development of the Tunisian audiovisual and archives landscape. Indeed, as a University teacher and a professional trainer, Kaouthar now transmits this knowledge with students and professionals. In addition, as a recognized Tunisian expert in the audiovisual archive domain, she shares her expertise and advice.

Reasons and expectations from participating in FRAME

Kaouthar Hamed When I applied to FRAME, I wanted to acquire new skills. I was also willing to share my experience in the field of audiovisual archive management, especially since the digitization of TV archives has fallen behind due in large part to the lack of material resources.I wanted to compare my experience and to know the progress from neighboring countries, those of the Mediterranean and other countries. So, I saw FRAME as an opportunity to share and learn about the latest innovations in the field of databases, of recognition tools and artificial intelligence in particular. To me, it was a professional and a personal investment.

Positive impacts of FRAME on your work and career paths

Kaouthar Hamed My participation in FRAME created new professional opportunities, enabling me to contribute to the development of Tunisian audiovisual and archives landscape. First, FRAME enabled me to learn more and to enhance my skills as a University teacher in the High Institute of documentation of Tunis. This way, I reinforced my capacities to share my knowledge, notably by the supervision of students in their research work. In addition, FRAME contributed to develop my international professional network, and particularly my cooperation relations with INA. In fact, after my participation in the training programme, I have been involved in projects in collaboration with INA, such as training sessions delivered jointly with an INA Expert at ASBU Academy, or a European twinning project with HAICA.


My participation in FRAME created new professional opportunities enabling me to contribute to the development of Tunisian audiovisual and archives landscape

Professional projects supported by the participation in FRAME

Kaouthar Hamed  Thanks to FRAME, I have been involved in training and cooperation projects, as part of which I collaborated with INA. In March & June 2019,  I delivered, jointly with an INA expert, two training sessions held by ASBU Academy.  This year, in 2020,  I am involved as an expert in a European twinning project, between HAICA (Tunisian High Authority for Audiovisual Communication), Belgium CSA and INA. As part of this project, I work in coordination with INA experts for the design and reinforcement of HAICA database.

ASBU Academy, April 2018


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Since 2010, INA organised the professional training programme FRAME, co-funded by the Creative Europe – MEDIA programme of the European Union, and supported by FIAT/IFTA (International Federation of Television Archives) and EBU Academy (European Broadcasting Union). FRAME is dedicated to international audiovisual archives professionals.