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FRAME inspired my work as a data architect

Since 2010, FRAME contributed to the development of new solutions and technologies to better use digital audiovisual collections. Gathering European and international recognized experts, the training programme promotes the latest innovation, fosters the sharing of best practices and experiences, and gives inspiration to the participants. José Velázquez, Founding Director of Dokumenta Video, was a Data architect at IBM when he participated in FRAME 2019 ; he narrates how the training programme’s inputs inspired his work to better manage big data generated by digitised audiovisual archives.

José Velázquez – Documentarian & Founding Director of Dokumenta Video

FRAME 2019
Position titled when participating in FRAME: Architect (Cognitive Media Solutions) at IBM 

José Velázquez is the founding Director of Dokumenta Videoa research and development lab providing AI-enhanced video solutions and services to facilitate the use of media archives. When he participated in FRAME in 2019, he was a Data Architect in the audiovisual and media domain at IBM. What he was expected from the training programme was to get solutions for his work to better manage big data generated by digitised audiovisual archives; but also inspirations for his work as an Academic in this domain. Thus, José explains how FRAME contributed to boost his academic and professional growth.

Reasons and expectations from participating in FRAME

José Velázquez The reasons why I wanted to participate in FRAME in 2019, was to boost my academic and professional growth. I was also expecting a better understanding of what fellow audiovisual archivists were experiencing in 2019.

Positive impacts of FRAME on your work and career paths

José Velázquez With my participation in FRAME, I gained professional knowledge and concrete answers for my work; particularly as the courses helped in identifying major pain points when handling big data generated by digitsed archives. It presented solutions for enhancing metadata enrichment processes, facilitating search and discovery in big data, or new possibilities to navigate through the archive collections etc.

FRAME inspired my work as a data architect in the audiovisual and media domain


Professional projects supported by the participation in FRAME

José Velázquez When I attended to FRAME, I worked as an architect, designing and implementing a blueprint in applied AI in collection management for IBM, using NLP to assist in curating recommendation playlists of short video clips, offering various perspectives for archivists questions in plain English. 

Several courses in FRAME inspired this work, namely those related to media asset management and born digital collections.

As I also worked as an academic, FRAME brought me major inspiration from both teachers and fellow participants, which I carry to this day in my lectures.

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Since 2010, INA organised the professional training programme FRAME, co-funded by the Creative Europe – MEDIA programme of the European Union, and supported by FIAT/IFTA (International Federation of Television Archives) and EBU Academy (European Broadcasting Union). FRAME is dedicated to international audiovisual archives professionals.