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International activities

Ina has been engaged in transmitting its know-how and expertise for many years. The consulting department as well as the rest of Ina is constantly working on broadening its international partnerships and seizing opportunities with foreign companies.


Map of Ina's former and current activities abroad :

Besides our standard consulting activities, we are running several types of specific international programmes:training seminars on digital preservation, patrimonial and heritage cooperation projects support and appraisal missions based on international assistance. 

Support programme to cultural industries in Algeria

Ina is a member of an international consortium that won a EU service contract to provide training for trainers in Algerian cultural institutions.


Ina's partnerships in the Balkans

Ina’s lasting relationship with the Balkan region


FRAME training course

FRAME is a two-week annual training course dedicated to European and international professionals of the media industry. It focuses on new technologies applied to digitization, preservation, storage, restoration and use of audiovisual archives.