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INA training and consulting department

Training, consulting and research

  • An international centre which provides training for 3,000 professionals from all over the world, and is also committed to higher education with Ina SUP, a school ranging from technical diplomas to specialized masters degrees. Professionals, students and researchers come to INA to learn about new technologies, meet other professionals and develop skills and knowledge. 
  • A consulting provider for private companies, institutions and media organizations in all issues related to the preservation, digitization and management of your audiovisual archives and digital content, relying on INA's long experience and know-how.
  • At cutting edge of research (restoration, digital image saving, content protection, etc.), INA carries out a large number of assignments and is committed to international projects: "GRM Tools", sound design software used by the greatest sound engineers and mixers and "Signature", to automatic video copy detection system used by major companies to protect their video assets.